The Previous Owner

I wonder who lived here
Prior to me moving in to this
Conch shell and naked body
I never smoke but it sometimes
Reeks of stale cigarettes and beer

There are some vestigial organs
That I will never use but I am happy
They are still hanging around
And scars that I can only imagine
Why and how they were formed

Sometimes I feel strangers’ eyes
Examining me and I begin to worry
Maybe they inhabited this place first
Perhaps they just went to buy milk
And I somehow stumbled in here

There is evidence of disrepair all over
My eyes are getting worse everyday
My ankles and feet are always sore
Makes me curious how many miles
And places that it has been before

I don’t think I’d get much value
On a trade in for a better model
I am starting to get used to it
I’ve cleaned it up and added a few things
And learning how to love myself

Like the previous owner did

Published by subversopus

I am a loveable and squeezable poet and writer. I live in beautiful Oregon with my cat and boyfriend. I love long distance hiking and have completed the entire lengths of the Appalachian Trail (2002, 2014) The Pacific Crest Trail (2012) and the Continental Divide Trail in (2013). Please check out my blog, and my poetry only blog, Cheers and have a kick ass day!!!

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