The Soulkeeper

Her smile was nothing if not doomsday
Curling around a crackling cigarette
The same way kids hold onto jars
Full of fire ants versus army ants
She said she used to bury fairies alive
In shoe boxes with secrets and Christmas tinsel
Nobody needs to believe they ever existed
Not scientists or parents, they were just for me
She hung dream catchers above her bed
Collecting nightmares and butterflies
Pulling off their wings, praying with mantises
Watching them die under weeping willow trees
Her voice was a holy man deserted by God
Burning itself in protest before reaching her mouth
Her words deliberate and slow
Like whispers prying lids attempting to flee
She is the pouring rain that comes after dark
A dictator’s grin that fades with changing maps
Scarred by wars, famine, shrinking borders
And the unlucky souls she never set free

Published by subversopus

I am a loveable and squeezable poet and writer. I live in beautiful Oregon with my cat and boyfriend. I love long distance hiking and have completed the entire lengths of the Appalachian Trail (2002, 2014) The Pacific Crest Trail (2012) and the Continental Divide Trail in (2013). Please check out my blog, and my poetry only blog, Cheers and have a kick ass day!!!

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