About Me


Salutations and Introductions

I am excited to start this blog. I have been meaning to do this for a number of years. I hope to share my poems, drawings, thoughts, opinions, editorials, creative writings, photographs and whatevers. I enjoy sharing things and ideas. I have recently decided to write my original poetry and post it up here. With folks all staying indoors and safe these days, I feel like writing poems and blogging is my way of keeping my spirits up and ideas evolving.

I live in Eugene Oregon. I used to work a job at an herb and spices and tea distributor. My true passions are creating and appreciating art, music, poetry, ideas, books, and drawing. My other hobbies include, hiking, biking, and novice day trading. This blog has become my respite and the last vestige of whatever sanity I still have left. This is sacred ground, all are invited to come with me on this journey. I look forward to meeting new friends and reading other’s poetry. I hope to inspire and be inspired. So pull up a rock, or a tree stump get comfortable and pour a glass of relax and let’s get this conversation going. Cheers fellow travelers!

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