The Chant

Dippity do dah My oh my Such a wonderful day Speak the candle Lighting your divinity

The Purge

I want to burn it all The filth. The scum. The self absorbed. The haughty. The vain. The rich. The sin.

1st Day of Autumn

Hope has given way to reality Peace has given way to war Bounty has given way to dearth Dry has given way to rain

The Ice Beneath

Dawn tipped ice and snow bunches up Drifts over and across, freezing in place Like the way dust finds the sexy curves Of history eventually finding settlement

The Shadow’s Playground

What secrets lurk twisting in a storm? A place for shadows to frolic Upon shores of abandoned lighthouses.


There is love. And a million words and labels for the absence thereof.


Like rust falling off from sickle, scythe, knife and beyond

Beginning to Fly

The sky is cold winter Wyoming wind wailing Nestled in the purple Choking vacuum of forever

Ready to Burst

Inflation rising Debt market ballooning Misinformation proliferating Covid at a fever pitch.

Song O’ The Willamette

Seek ye sounds and hear the collective bugle calls! O’ osprey n’ lumbering locomotive bawls Hear its honking trombone plunger muted feature Garbled warble like the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher


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